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How to Recognize Early Warning Signs of Dementia?

If you start noticing that your loved is having issues with their memory, and these problems are also accompanied by certain troubles with their:

  • language
  • communication
  • focus
  • or sheer reasoning,

This might mean your loved one has dementia-related issues. We at Adagio House know how difficult dealing with this type of illness can be, so let’s go over some of the most common early warning signs of dementia.

Subtle Short-Term Memory Changes

Trouble with short-term memory is usually a significant symptom of early dementia. These troubles are usually subtle in the beginning. For instance, a person can remember events that took place years, even decades ago, but not what they had for breakfast that morning.

Other symptoms of these short-term memory changes include forgetting why they entered a room, where they left their keys, forgetting whether they did a particular chore or assignment on any given day, etc.

Difficulty Completing Normal, Everyday Taskssenior woman with dementia playing a board game with her friends in Memory Care

Difficulty completing complex tasks that had been completed with minimal effort before. For example, balancing a checkbook or playing a board game with a lot of rules.

Not Being Able to Follow Storylines

One of the classic early warning signs of dementia is a sudden difficulty in following storylines when watching movies or TV shows.  

Communication Difficulties: Composing Sentences and Finding the Right Words

Struggling to communicate one’s thoughts is yet another sign of early dementia. A person may start to experience trouble communicating a simple thought or idea, or finding the right words to express themselves. There are even cases when a person would forget the meanings of words they hear in conversation.

Unnecessary Repetition

Being repetitive is quite common in people with dementia due to memory loss and general behavioral changes. This usually mirrors in repeating daily tasks like washing their hands, shaving, and/or obsessive cleaning. They may also repeat the same stories or questions in a conversation.  


Confused senior with dementiaEarly stages of dementia may cause confusion that often manifests in judgment lapses, not being able to remember faces, communicate and interact with people normally.

Inexplicable Mood Swings

Dementia can cause sudden changes in the mood of your loved one, while an entire shift in personality is also quite common. For example, one of the most typical personality shifts caused by dementia is a shift from being introvert to being extrovert. If your loved one was usually shy, but suddenly they appear to be unusually cheerful and outgoing, this might mean dementia is taking over. This type of behavior occurs due to sudden lapses of judgment and reason.

Apathy and/or Depression

One of the most common early warning signs of dementia is apathy. A person would lose almost any interest in their usual everyday activities and hobbies, while they will also be reluctant to go outside or spend time with friends and family.

Bad Orientation in SpaceSenior man struggling to navigate through a town. His carer is helping him.

People start to have troubles with spatial orientation and their sense of direction. This usually manifests in:

  • not being able to recognize paths they used to walk every day
  • forgetting once-familiar landmarks in their neighborhood
  • not being able to follow simple directions

Fear of Change

Dementia can cause fear of change and new experiences in people because they know they are no longer able to learn new things, remember faces and follow conversations. This is why they tend to seek routine and be scared of trying new things.

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